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Sight Mark Estimating Tool

This tool allows you to get an estimate of all of your sight marks from just two known sight marks.

Please enter two known sight marks below. The further apart the sight marks are the more accurate the estimates are likely to be. You may enter either yard or meter sight marks but ensure the "Units" are set correctly. It is not necessary to use the same units for each of the sight marks.

Sight Mark Distance Units


Please be reminded that you MUST carry your Green Dragon membership card and display it on your quiver and display your car badge at all times when you visit the shooting field. Knebworth Estates staff will now check these regularly. Also remember that access for archery members is limited to the huts, the shooting field, and the toilets. We do not have open access to the park itself.

Green Dragon Bowmen is a member of ontarget, Archery GB’s Club Development Programme. Clubs joining ontarget are making a public pledge to be open and friendly, to advance archery and to proactively work with Archery GB and in return clubs will be recognised, rewarded and given support, guidance and advice to develop and improve.