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GDB Club Coaching

We have a dedicated coaching team at Green Dragon and coaching is available for all at our coaching evenings, our club coaches are very active in and outside of the club, county and they regularly attend coaching seminars and county meetings to expand of their wealth of knowledge. They are constantly improving their CPD and portfolios.

 "We are starting to pursue a more structured approach to our coaching sessions, which will include a six point strategy (Warm-Up, Posture Drill, Exercise Band Drill, Shooting, Bow Drills and Cool Down), we may at times deviate away from this for additional presentations such as : Physio, Dietary, String work, Quick Fix's, Arrow fletching etc, if there is anything you would like help with or would like to learn, please talk to us or email:".

It is therefore essential that shooting starts at the listed times to make good use of these sessions for yourselves, this means you should be arriving in good time to assist in field setup, which should be completed before setting up your own equipment.

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Please take a look at these exercises as they are beneficial to your wellbeing and your sport.

Archery Excercises  Stabalisation Exercise

Warm up Exercises 1-8  Warm up Exercises 9-16

 Drills & Skills (video Links)

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(We appreciate and understand that sometimes it is hard to arrive in good fashion to assist in setting up, due to work and home commitments, so it would be appreciated that taking down the field is assisted with if you are unable to assist with the field setup)


Winter Indoor Coaching on Thursdays, at Nobel School 6:30pm to 8:30pm (start date 20/09/18), Coaching during the winter.

Summer Outdoor Coaching on Tuesdays, at Knebworth Park 6pm to 7:30pm, Coaching during the Summer.


Winter Indoor Coaching 18/19

Indoor Coaching session, from 20/09/18 at Nobel School 6.30-8.30 pm and there will be weekly coaching until 28/03/19. The coaching fee is 3.00 per session.


Summer Outdoor Coaching 2019

Outdoor Coaching on Tuesdays at Knebworth Park 6.00-7.30 pm.

Commences on 02/04/19  - Outdoor Coaching session, there will be weekly coaching every Tuesday until 27/08/19 There is now a coaching fee (3.00).


Indoor/Outdoor Coaching is aimed at beginners/novices to help them with the transition from their course, to being confident club members, even seasoned archers who what to work on technique.

Please remember that everyone should help with setting up and taking down targets etc. at indoor shooting and coaching as well as at the field.



If you are a GDB member and looking for Progressive coaching outside of club coaching, please see Dan or see the link below.

 Progressive coaching with Dan Smitton

(Click Button for Info)


Please see below some pdf's that you might find interesting.




Please be reminded that you MUST carry your Green Dragon membership card and display it on your quiver and display your car badge at all times when you visit the shooting field. Knebworth Estates staff will now check these regularly. Also remember that access for archery members is limited to the huts, the shooting field, and the toilets. We do not have open access to the park itself.

Green Dragon Bowmen is a member of ontarget, Archery GB’s Club Development Programme. Clubs joining ontarget are making a public pledge to be open and friendly, to advance archery and to proactively work with Archery GB and in return clubs will be recognised, rewarded and given support, guidance and advice to develop and improve.